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Practicing my blog writing skills

How much the life in Toronto will cost you? It is in the news and it has been all around social media platforms that Toronto house pricing is skyrocketing but, over the past years, it is not only the price... Continue Reading →


My first career workshop is coming – October 5th

"Helping new professionals draft a resume that makes them get the interview they want" I am all about helping people. This is the reason why I decided to host my first workshop. I want to help people to draft their... Continue Reading →

Press Release for Astound Group

ASTOUND Group celebrates 15th anniversary June 30, 2016 (Toronto, ON) – ASTOUND Group, the award-winning design & fabricate house, is reaching a milestone, celebrating 15 years of business. The company has grown from the dreams of the founder/CEO Dale Morgan... Continue Reading →

Speaker’s note

The role of a speaker persona includes confidence, credibility, voice motivation and pronunciation. Due to my almost 10 years of experience as a Speaker, my recommendation for delivering an effective speech include the following tactics: First one is Smile. Smiling... Continue Reading →

Social Media blog – What is your go to?

The social media world is heavily explored by all kinds of specialists that want to help us, communications professionals, to understand our consumer's behaviour. It is the key in the online landscape: to understand how to catch the attention of... Continue Reading →

Media Release: persuasive sample

Acme Working with persuasion techniques in a media release for air backpacks. The idea was to implement persuasive communications elements into a Media Release. The techniques used are: Strong emotional appeal Attention catchy: Open with a bang Demonstrate need: Establish... Continue Reading →

Samples: Business Recommendations Plan

It is very common to see marketing and public relations agencies that believe they do not need to market themselves. They almost forget they are a business. In my post grad program we had a chance to build an astute... Continue Reading →

Sample: Memo for Bridgehead

This memo has the objective to recommend CSR Initiatives for Bridgehead – Green Energy and Community Development To: Bridgehead Director and Managers From: Camila Borghetti Date: October 8th, 2015. CSR initiatives align to Bridgehead business model This letter has as... Continue Reading →

Sample: $120 feeds 1 children for a year

Backpack 4 Brainiacs raised $1100, enough to feed 9 kids for a year TORONTO, Ontario - November 23, 2015 - Meal programs look after children on the weekdays, but children need help when they go home on the weekends. This is... Continue Reading →

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