Social Media blog – What is your go to?

The social media world is heavily explored by all kinds of specialists that want to help us, communications professionals, to understand our consumer’s behaviour. It is the key in the online landscape: to understand how to catch the attention of current and potential clients and to make them promote our brand, showing a connection with our products.
A variety of agencies is developing tools to teach and track social media interaction. They also create blogs to provide reviews, thoughts and to suggest strategies, in order to publicize their own product. Also, they want to promote a conversation with all professionals working in this fast-paced and ever-changing social and online industry. Due to their involvement and all the online work, they become a reference in this industry, so they develop content and increase their audience.

Buffer Social is one of the agencies behind an analytic tool for social media management, focused on Marketers and other agencies. They have three different blogs: Social Media Insider focused on social trends, Culture blog focused on productivity, transparency and happy work culture and one focused on online engineering. The content for all of the blogs is developed by a range of specialists from the Buffer agency. Around three million people are already using Buffer as a tool to boost their social media engagement. The Buffer’s app offers a rich range of analytics, as well as the possibility of scheduling posts on the major social media platforms – Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +. The tool also offers the possibility of collaborative posting, a section that allows multiple people to contribute to all posts.

The Buffer’s blog Social Media Insider offers a variety of reviews on the most recent news and trends in the social media industry, evaluating what the market is doing and all updates. They are giving overviews on what brands are doing and why helping social media strategists to understand the why’s and how’s of social strategies to be created and implemented. Their team is accounted for writing all posts, some are general posts and others are related to each specific role such as the software development guys that are the ones writing about online engineering. Everyone is developing good material for posts, from pictures to sources, looking into strategy and storytelling ideas and trends.

The blog is pretty simple and straightforward; in the homepage, you find an opening question as a marketing strategy and a form for a free trial on their products; also it is possible to start enjoying the social posts. The content is posted every two or three days or sometimes even daily. They also curate from different blogs, even having a blog with the headline such as 100 best marketing blogs they source at. They do not just refer to it; they also use it as their own source for creation and development. They have a social profile in a vast range of platforms, such as Twitter, joined in 2010; Facebook joined in 2012; Instagram joined in 2013; Youtube joined in 2014; also Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. Their interactivity and engagement are fairly high, having over 2.5 subscribers on YouTube and 549k followers on Instagram.

I choose this blog as my go-to source because I believe they are a reference in the social media industry. I would recommend to every social media professional to keep their eyes connected on Buffer social. Their reviews are easy to understand and fast to read. A lot of users are interacting and leaving their comments. It provides even more updated information for all professionals.


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