Press Release for Astound Group

ASTOUND Group celebrates 15th anniversary

June 30, 2016 (Toronto, ON) – ASTOUND Group, the award-winning design & fabricate house, is reaching a milestone, celebrating 15 years of business. The company has grown from the dreams of the founder/CEO Dale Morgan to an internationally recognized company with 150-employees in four different cities. To celebrate the mark, ASTOUND Group invited its employees to a conference that kicks off the new fiscal year, promotes team-building and integration, and celebrates the date in each of its locations which include Oakville, Toronto, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

“It’s an absolute honor to be celebrating this landmark. We’ve assembled a best-in-class team who are extremely talented and continue to push ASTOUND as world leaders in design and fabrication. Without their dedication to our company, sacrifice and hard work, this moment wouldn’t be possible”, said Morgan when discussing the kick off action-packed events. After years working in the trade shows industry, in 2001, he built his first handmade booth. The room of his apartment in Burlington, ON, was the scenario for the creation of the first stand. In early July, Dale Morgan was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ Finalist in the business and consumer category of the 2016 EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ Program.

AUSTOND Group projects have been completed in nearly 30 countries, worldwide. The first piece build was at Semi-con in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently, the big-name clients include Nike, GoPro, Coca-cola and Mastercard. The company designs trade show booths, but a major focus of work is on experiences as well, including pop-up stores, mobile builds and takeovers and permanent installations.

ASTOUND Group readied itself for growth by providing hard-working staff around the world, always being committed to excellence, offering exceptional customer service and always making it happen for clients.

For more information about ASTOUND Group, please visit

Camila Borghetti

(647) 270.1264 /

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @ASTOUNDGroup


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