My first career workshop is coming – October 5th

“Helping new professionals draft a resume that makes them get the interview they want”

I am all about helping people. This is the reason why I decided to host my first workshop. I want to help people to draft their resume and cover letter in a way that they will stand out in the crowd. I have been applying for so many jobs, having so many different types of interviews and talking to so many different recruiters that I want to share my experiences. So, for those looking for a job in Canada, here is my advice:

First things first: – Where do you want to work and doing what? Here is where the job search takes place. Researching companies, positions and requirements, and trying to identify if you (candidate) fit in the position is the beginning of everything.

Second, what are your skills and experience? After identifying the position it is time to see if you have the skills and experience that the job posting is asking for… All job postings usually ask for soft skills and qualifications. Under the “Responsibilities of the Position” it is also possible to identify some of the requirements for each position. Make sure you use key verbs and words that are in the job posting or that prove that you have the experience that they are looking for. If you don’t know how to write about it, try to search for job description and it will help you to formulate sentences.

Third, what do you do or have that is different? Everybody has something different to offer and it is something that you need to know about yourself so you can take advantage of it while talking to the interviewer (you can sell yourself). If you are not really sure about what sets you apart from the drowd, I would suggest you try asking your family, friends or co-workers about what strengths they can see on you.

Fourth, you need to look good. Formatting and proofreading are key elements. Looking professional will always benefit you. No crazy email address or design. The recruiter, in general, will spend 7 minutes browsing your resume. Yes, only 7 minutes! so it has to be something easy to read and to the point.

And fifth – last but not least- : Make sure in the cover letter you are mentioning something that you like or that you have in common with the product, services or values of the company.

Good Luck


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