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How much living in Toronto will cost you?

It is in the news and it has been all around social media platforms that Toronto house pricing is skyrocketing but, over the past years, it is not only the price for buying a house that has increased. It is possible to notice that the cost of living for temporary students is also challenging. Some articles over the internet are very specific and they can show that a simple room for rent varies regarding the location, the size and all the benefits/facilities it will offer. Students are very often inquiring about the cost of living in Toronto because it is essential to add the basic expenses to the plan of studying in Canada. For this reason, we are sharing here a very basic guide that will be the first source for those planning to study in the city that has been considered one of the best cities to live in the world in the last couple of years. The cost of living in Toronto pretty much depends on each one’s lifestyle. The conditions and the situation of each student are different. Some of them come with a spouse/husband or with a family; some of them have a family member already in Canada that can help with shelter; some are also more flexible when it comes to choosing the location for living and diet. There are some standard costs that do not change much, such as transportation. As an alternative, some students opt to buy a bike and save in public transportation pass during summer months. Not everybody is able to opt for this type of alternative such as a bike, but it can impact positively in the savings for the ones that are open to “pedal around”.
Prices for phone bill and contracts will vary if the student opts to have more data available; most of the companies offer unlimited calls and messaging; however, data is the most expensive option in the phone bill. Since Toronto has a lot of places such as libraries, bookstores, bars, stores and coffee shops with free wi-fi, the student might be able to negotiate for a cheaper contract range for the basic amount of data.
During Summertime Toronto also offers a big variety of outdoor festivals and events in parks, always well publicized on the internet. It is a great opportunity for the students to save a bit of money and wait for some promotions that come along the months in order to get less expensive access to entertainment. Also, a $10-month gym membership is available around the city.
Groceries and restaurants will vary based on each one’s culture, customs, and preferences. There are very accessible places to eat in Toronto as well as very expensive ones. Some bars that are common for the student community offer promotional meals for $5 in some specific days and festivals such as “Summerlicious” and “Winterlicious” will offer a better price in the promotional menu in restaurants around the town.
The options are out there and the best way to find out about them are being connected to blogs, websites, free newspapers circulating around the city and radio promotions. Even tickets for great concerts and theater are offered by radio stations. hope you have enjoyed the reading and we will leave here the tip of the day: for more details about the cost of living in Toronto, start reading different blogs right now. Check below some important numbers for your “Study in Toronto” plan.



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