About me

What can I do for you?

I am a communications professional specializing in building relationships and storytelling. I am proficient in English and Portuguese with basic knowledge of Spanish and Italian languages.

My main objective is to help businesses to grow and differentiate itself from its competitors. I am willing to create communications strategies designed to achieve your business goals. Once we define how you want to be perceived, we identify the people who can influence your success, and articulate your messages, we are ready to plan your public relations campaign.

Who I am?

I am experienced in generating positive media coverage for businesses through high-level strategies. I am also able to manage communications crisis, leading the company to establish successful guidelines for image recovery. I believe that well-managed reputation is able to overtake crisis situations faster if the company communicates properly and is engaged with the key audience.

My bi-cultural background and focus on the public relations career and community collaboration led me to a volunteer opportunity as a public relation consultant at Canadian Blood Service in Toronto. Few of my passions includes reputation and crisis management, leadership and graphic design. I love using my leadership skill set to helping people to constructively improve their lives by listening, training and aiming new goals. I have a strong interest in public transportation, fashion and interior design industries, nourishment and education, sport and adventure activities, CSR initiatives.

What have I done?

I finished my postgraduate certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Centennial College, Toronto. I have a bachelor degree in Journalism from University of Caxias do Sul (2002-2007), a postgraduate degree in Public Relations from America Latina Faculty (2007-2008) and Masters Degree in Marketing and Communications Management from Faculdade Anglo Americano (2010-2011) all from Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil.

During 10+ year of my career in the public relations industry, I worked as communications manager at Visate, a company that operates the public transportation system for the city of Caxias do Sul. I coordinated team of 5 other communicators and we developed communications strategies for a group of 2.000 employees. Also, I worked as public relations for Laymark Propaganda, a medium size PR agency, interacting with a variety of clients such as day care, winery, restaurant, and retail store. I have worked as a marketing and PR specialist for a travel agency, Sierra Viagens, developing promotional materials, acting as a sales person and offering customer service for clients. This experience enabled me to work on major social media platforms, applying metrics and measurements for PR performance, building a relationship with key audiences in order to generate positive media coverage and exposure and to create a positive reputation. Prior to joining Visate, Laymark and Sierra Viagens, I worked at the University of Caxias do Sul television channel and at Conceito newspaper as a journalist and producer.

You can also find more detailed information on Twitter and LinkedIn.

In this web-portfolio, you will find more detailed information about my resumé, my interests, volunteer job, digital work and communications productions I have done. I hope you enjoy it.

Please, keep in touch by email and thank you for stopping by.



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