Media Release: persuasive sample

Acme Working with persuasion techniques in a media release for air backpacks. The idea was to implement persuasive communications elements into a Media Release. The techniques used are: Strong emotional appeal Attention catchy: Open with a bang Demonstrate need: Establish the need for a solution Show satisfaction: Present a legitimate solution Support: Fully support your … Continue reading Media Release: persuasive sample


Samples: Business Recommendations Plan

It is very common to see marketing and public relations agencies that believe they do not need to market themselves. They almost forget they are a business. In my post grad program we had a chance to build an astute business plan for a public relations agency from Toronto. The name of the agency is … Continue reading Samples: Business Recommendations Plan

Are you prepared to hold the pressure?

Yesterday, my Mental Health Research group and I presented to Civic Action - a foundation focused on improving Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area’s social, economic and environmental future - the results of our studies on mental health in the millennials generation, new entrants in the workforce.  As a group, we support that organizations should have support … Continue reading Are you prepared to hold the pressure?