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Journalist, Public Relations & Corporate Communications Specialist

Events to build connections

During my career in Brazil I had the opportunity to be working for different companies and organizations executing events. In Toronto I have had the opportunity to work in different venues and types of events as well. Some companies that... Continue Reading →


Fundraising event, my first one in Canada.

Next Monday, me and my Event Management group are hosting a fundraising event. Our major objective is to raise money and awareness for a charity called Blessing in a Backpack. The event is called Backpack 4 Brainiacs. It will be... Continue Reading →

Are you prepared to hold the pressure?

Yesterday, my Mental Health Research group and I presented to Civic Action - a foundation focused on improving Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area’s social, economic and environmental future - the results of our studies on mental health in the millennials... Continue Reading →

Where is all this pressure going?

Why are we going crazy in such an early age? When I was 28 I left my country because I didn't want to be so stressed, so overwhelmed and so worried at this young age (28 is a very good young... Continue Reading →

Fair and Conferences

During my 10 years working in the public relations landscape, I had the opportunity to participate in national and international fairs and conferences, such as: Shopkeepers Director Chamber for Young Leaders Human Resources Marketing and Advertising Workshops International forum for Public... Continue Reading →

Developing Team-Work

One of the most interesting ways to develop team-work is interacting in sports activities. During this activities, played in a group is possible to build a partnership, to support colleagues and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses. When I am... Continue Reading →

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