PR Portfolio

In this portfolio, I am presenting written and visual samples of my  work.

Material that I created, I wrote, I helped to develop and I participated as a director, producer or as a client, approving the projects during my 10 years career.

Also, some samples produced for my international postgraduate in Public Relations and Corporate Communications in Toronto, Canada.

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Website Layout and Content

Design Samples

Facebook Post – TTC Page

Social Media Layouts – Creation


Email Marketing

Other internal/ promotional documents

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Website Banners Layout

Photography knowledge

Communication Plan:

Video Production:

  • Sample of critical Path and StoryboardVideo Plan


Sample of video production: Commercials for Visate’s branding campaigns

  • Transportar – Video promoting public transportation service
  • Satisfação – Video promoting customer’s satisfaction
  • Trânsito – Video promoting traffic reduction
  • Conceito – Video promoting full accessibility for all customers
  • CEO Interview – Video promoting public transportation initiatives
  • Respeito – Video promoting respect among customers in the public transportation
  • Diferença – Video promoting kindness among public transportation’s users

Sample of layouts and corporate communication campaigns and projects:

  • Campaign to raise awareness for partners that sell Visate’s products:


  • A campaign to raise awareness and promote bicycle parking around the city:


  • Exclusive layout for buses produced to integrate the service transportation company with the biggest festival of the city:499839033
  • Created layout of the bureau. Coordinated activities and workforce for the Festival:520761226
  • Created and executed CSR campaign promoting children’s civic education:529108674
  • Coordinated the development of visual content and the participation of the company in a music festival to promote social integration within the community:572607170
  • Campaign to stimulate health and life balance within the community:589090919
  • Participation in an international fair for public transportation:598078494
  • Branding campaign developed to raise awareness  of public transportation system:601794901
  • Material developed to promote, to honor and to celebrate bus drivers:622895890
  • Campaign promoting online service for bus ticket purchase:625365477
  • Campaign celebrating holidays for employees and community:705405235
  • Promoted stores where users are able to by bus pass around the city:705406345
  • Created banner to raise awareness about event sponsorship:728225814
  • Developed and implemented campaign to engage with teenagers, stimulating them to use the public transportation, avoiding traffic around school in downtown:737299077
  • Approval of layout and budget to wrap a bus, used for training and social projects:738299089
  • Created, developed and implemented civic campaign for education:740565291
  • Developed campaign to prevent against A-Flu:787419665
  • Implemented project promoting art and artists in the city:789501770
  • Celebration of employee’s day793842152
  • Created Magazine advertising to raise awareness for CSR projects.index2
  • Developed users’ guide for better understanding of public transportation, rules, and customer service. cartilhausuario2014
  • Pitched media about an internal project involving Visate’s board of directors. The directors replaced workforce for one day to understand the challenges of each position. Inspiration: Disney World.
  • Projeto Vivenciar 1 - Pioneiro
  • Projeto Vivenciar 2 - Pioneiro