Volunteer Job

In Canada

Since 2013 I have worked in a variety of volunteer jobs in Toronto.
I started working as kitchen assistant and server, helping to feed homeless people on Saturdays at Royal York Food Bank. My next job as a volunteer was for Pan Am / ParaPan Am Games in 2014. I was part of the volunteer team, collaborating with competition control and execution, providing customer service and interacting with international visitors and athletes in order to facilitate their access to games.

In 2015 I started working as a public relations volunteer for Canadian Blood Service. I am also a blood donor since then. I helped Canadian Blood Service to identify the target market. I created ideas for bringing new donors, I helped to evaluate social media data and campaigns in order to create influence strategy for donors. I also interviewed stem cell donors and developed articles with their testimonials to be used the newsletter. I developed the layout for their newsletter.

In 2016, after being coached in 10 sections of personal and professional coaching I volunteered developing a Communications Plan and Strategies for Gerva Academy. The strategies to be implemented included social media, events, PR initiatives, re-branding.
I also helped the company to research events to participate as a guest speaker in order to develop a network and increase sales.

Yet in 2016 I worked as a volunteer for Fidelity Education, an education and immigration agency. I developed a social media plan, identifying the target audience, SWOT, communications priorities, and objectives, as well as identifying ideal social media platforms and content creation and publication schedule calendar. I also volunteered for a college and career fair at this agency, developing graphic material and creating content for social media platforms, as well as coordination the workshop onsite and online and organizing the venue, confirming all attendees.

I have been experiencing to work as a volunteer for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) for the Press and Industry events at Glen Gould Theater and CBC Studio. – My tasks were:
– Assisting staff in CBC Conference center with direction delegates; 
– Assisting inside the Glenn Gould theater with guarding seats;
– Checking guest lists for private programming sessions and events;
– Directing traffic and scanning passes at the Glenn Gould Studio for all events;
– Providing customer services for all delegates, attending their needs and clarifying doubts.

In Brazil

I worked in a variety of events as a volunteer in Social Projects to promote transit good behaviour for children; Supporting and running marathons to raise money for charity; Working with the city to promote social service for the population; promoting and involved with social projects in schools, community centre and church; raising awareness in a health program for seniors.


Volunteer for the following programs:

  • Walking for well-being and Running for health
  • Together with suburb communities to develop civic education for kids
  • CDL Jovem, project for young leaders
  • Running for charity

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